Thursday, October 2, 2008

DMV Part Deux

There were no tests to pass this time.  Just a line to wait in at the Northgate mall, where the nearest NC License Plate Agency lives.  

Compared to the last 48 DMV hours, this one was nothing.  The woman who helped me was only slightly crabby.  The best part was that the whole thing of her sitting behind the counter and writing and asking me to sign things and looking at all of my different forms took awhile, allowing me ample time to study the back wall.

And on this back wall were a whole lot of fake license plates that you could get for the front of your car, North Carolina being a state that only requires a rear license plate.  Between God and fishing, I didn't know how to choose.  Here were just some of my options:

Buckle Up With Jesus

I live with DANGER and sometimes she lets me go FISHING

World's Sexiest Grandmother

Life is Precious / Handle with Prayer

A Woman and her Truck: It's a Beautiful Thing

No Riders / Except blondes, brunettes or redheads

Laugher is God's Sunshine


Fish tremble at the mention of my name

Wild Woman

Girls Rule

John Deere Logo (that one was actually kind of cool -- a nice shade of green)

It takes a lot of balls to play golf the way I do

Get in.  Shut up.  Buckle up.  Hang on!

I'd rather be shopping  (okay, maybe that one is true)

Ain't Skeered

Heaven Bound

There were even more options involving angels and heaven and fishing and trucks.  As I sat there in judgement at the North Carolina plates, I wondered how this boded for me and my new state of residency.  True, there are lots of people in Illinois who like to fish and pray and ride in trucks.  And perhaps their DMV's back wall would look similar if the front plate was anything goes.

Perhaps the craziest part of my time at the License Plate Agency was that at the end, the woman just reached down from behind the counter and handed me my First in Flight license plate.  What?  I was expecting a yellowish/orange temporary one and for the new one to arrive in the mail in 6 - 8 weeks.  But, no, they just store those bad boys at their feet.

In the end, the good people at Jiffy Lube, who inspected my car and put on my back plate, offered me the perfect option: they let me keep my Land of Lincoln plate on the front, allowing part of me, the front part that is, to still emotionally reside in the great state of Illinois.


evandebacle said...

To really fit in, you need to get yourself some Truck Nutz.

Yes, they are kinda gross.

Naomi Jane said...

Wow, I don't know what's worse: the "they take a lickin'" guarantee or that they come in just so many colors. How do I decide between that and Bikerballz?

Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Let's play a fun game and imagine what the back wall sample plates would have for Illinois and other states! This could occupy many an hour on road trips. I'm very glad the Land Of Lincoln is still gracing the front of the car, keeping company with the First In Flight. As I can well vouch, you can take the girl outta Chicago, but you can't take... And didn't the NC DMV have any front license plate options like "Insured by Smith & Wesson" or anything? That one is on a truck parked by Jeff's parents' place -- yeeeeehaw!