Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day: Part Two

Well, it happened again.  For the second time this winter, North Carolina was hit with a winter storm, dumping snow on the mid-section of the state. Everything, and I mean everything, came to a halt. No schools, no businesses, no doctors' offices, no YMCA.  There was no risking it. After all, this was the scene outside this afternoon:

Yup.  This one was a doozy.

This time around,  however, I wised up.  Although I could have easily walked to my office, it just wouldn't have been in the spirit of the day.  As long as I am living in the South, land of the take-cover-it's-going-to-snow, I will take my snow day, thank you very much.


Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Exactly! Why miss the opportunity to make a snowman and dress him in Carolina Blue, after all?! XOXO

Joan said...

Now that is quite remarkable. The first day of spring and a long month of March with no days off until mid brings a smile.