Sunday, April 5, 2009

My New White Pets

For several weeks now, I've been trying to figure out how to best blog about spring.  I certainly didn't want to rub it in the face of my dear Midwesterners and Northeasterners, oohing and ahhing about the spring flowers and the 70 degree days.  That would just be mean.  

But, I'm pretty sure that spring is where it's at in North Carolina, that spring is one reason to live here (especially if you're not a fan of the heat).  And specifically because I'm not a fan of the heat, and because far too soon the bugs and humidity will arrive and stay, I'm actively forcing myself to acknowledge and appreciate spring, glorious, spring.

So with the aid of my little camera necklace, here is my homage to my first spring in North Carolina:

The new, and for real exciting, yuppie table and umbrella on the back deck.  It is my new goal to sit at this table under this umbrella as much as possible until the mosquitos show up.

Willie putting gas in his one gallon jug that holds gas for the purpose of....

mowing the lawn half shirtless.  (That lawnmower isn't ours, btw, but is very generously loaned by Willie's friend, Bobby G.)

Our mailbox actually has nothing to do with spring, but I've been trying to figure out how to work into some blog the fact that when you want the mail person to pick up a letter, you raise the little flag, and then he/she puts it back down after taking the piece of outgoing mail.  To me, this is probably in the top five good things about living here, even if it's just as suburban-y as country.  (P.S. That flag is just an actor; I actually have no outgoing mail at the moment.)

And, of course, the flowers.  Oh, for a scratch 'n sniff blog...

The second I realized it was actually spring, I just had to have hanging flower baskets for the front porch as proof that I knew it was spring.  At first, I felt a little guilty that they were from Home Depot, like I chose Walmart over the Farmer's Market.

But then, in one of the baskets that I brought home, I noticed a little bowl-like bulge sticking up above the dirt.  I thought it was part of the dirt and tried to smush it back down.

In fact, that little bowl-like bulge turned out to be a bird's nest that some Home Depot bird had worked hard to build.  It only took a week and a half before a bird on my street found this nest, kind of like a furnished apartment, and did her thing.  Friday, when I went to water the plant, I finally caught on that the bowl-like bulge was, indeed, a bird's nest, when I found one little white egg inside of it.

This morning, there were two eggs.

Voila, spring.

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Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Oh, spring, it really is my favorite season. We don't get a big bunch of it here (but then again, we don't get a big bunch of winter and I, too, don't want to make my Midwestern folk feel bad about that!) But I always LOVE spring -- flowers, flowering trees (my very favorite), blue skies with puffy clouds and a little breeze....ahhhhhh. I wish I were there getting to experience NC in all its finest splendor. And the bird nest and eggs?! AMAZING. Can't wait until I see you here and there, woohoo!!!!! XOXO