Sunday, May 3, 2009

As Long as It's a Team Called the Bulls

Sandwiched in between a triple overtime hells-yeah-mother-fucker Chicago Bulls win on Thursday night and a what-the-hell-happened-to-you second half of the Chicago Bulls loss on Saturday night, I went to two Bulls games here in Durham.  The Durham Bulls, subject of one of the greatest baseball movies ever made.  And as far as minor league baseball games go, it delivered on the good old fashioned fun.

Yeah, so maybe the Bulls lost 14 - 1 to the Columbus Clippers on Friday night.  And maybe I didn't stick around to see what the final score was in their loss to the Clippers on Saturday afternoon.

But it's a pretty darn cool park.  When a Bulls player hits a homerun, the eyes of the bull in the outfield light up, his tail wags and steam comes out of his nose.   There's also one of those manual score boards in the outfield, which, of course, pulls on my Wrigley Field heart stings.  

The hot dog was tasty, the pretzel was fresh, the beer choices were a-plenty (Fat Tire at a ballpark?), and my cousin, Ethan, confirmed that the pink flavor of the double flavor cotton candy is pretty much to die for.  There was even an impressive fireworks show after the game on Friday night -- set off right in the middle of the field, complete with about five exciting finales.

While it's no St. Paul Saints game (the hands down best minor league game to go to -- it is just an all around hilarious experience, stand up comedian announcer and all), and while I really do miss living in a place with professional sports (sorry, Carolina Hurricanes, hockey will never be my bag), it's not bad for a $7 ticket.

In fact, when the weather is nice, and the beer cup is full, and you can ride your bike there in four minutes, you can pretty much take me out to the Durham Bulls ball game anytime ol' time.

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Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Pretzel? Cotton Candy? Fireworks (pulling on my Sox heartstrings, loved that scoreboard and fireworks when a home run happened!)...count me in! Man, I'm sorry I never saw the Saints when we were up there so many times digging the Twin City Scene, that sounds too cool. And now's the time to admit I'm one of the very few who never saw Bull Durham (whaaaaat?), so it's now been added to my Lovefilm (UK's Netflix) list. CAN'T WAIT to do Durham UP, peoples, that town is calling my WT name! But first...London!!!! And then...CHICAGO!!!! (You probably won't see me at Wrigley, but you KNOW you'll see me at a lovely store just down the street...) :-) Much love XO