Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day. For Real.

This time, I was down with the hype. Despite my mockery of the snow days in 2009 -- the ones where the state shut down but the streets were melted and clear by 11:00 AM -- I was bitten by the media buzz of this storm. I brought it up in every possible conversation, I planned my work day around going out and getting milk, and I stood in line for forty-five minutes at the video store, just hours before the storm was supposed to hit.

It was a Friday night, so staying home from work wasn't a carrot. But gosh darnit, it was exciting. It was an event. And this time, the event delivered.

By Saturday morning, we were blanketed with five inches of snow. It continued to snow on and off for twenty-four hours with not a plow or a salt or sand truck in sight.

Which meant plenty of time to play in the snow with Fonzie:

White dog in snow: Can you spot Fonzie?

The snow brought out the wild in Fonzie -- the husky that should be up in Alaska pulling sleds and running like the wind.

So we dug up the stake and 30-foot leash from under the snow and let him run semi-free in the backyard.

Fonzie does that dog thing where he gets so excited that he wants to play bite you.

But he's actually not so tough in a snow ball fight.

Four nights after it first began to snow, schools are still closed, many businesses have yet to reopen, and most side streets have not seen a plow. And tomorrow brings another weather advisory of icy rain, which will only refreeze the slushy unplowed streets.

Go ahead, North Carolina Storm of 2010. I'm down right proud of you.


Joan said...

Great post. Happy snow day, you know how to celebrate! Fonze looks so great. I hope I get to meet him....

Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Look at the Fonz! SO CUTE. But, who's gonna win the cute contest with that fabulous yellow scarf from yet another snowed-in city? That's right, Wonder Woman! And who'd ever believe there's a use for winter coats and snow boots in NC? Amazing. You're right...that's definitely a snow day. Hope the videos were good!