Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Favorite 48 Hours of My Life

(Photos generously taken and provided by our friends and family.)

Friday, July 10th at Westgrand Studios.

The view from the dance floor.

The set up begins. If the dance scene at the end of "Footloose" was part of my muse for the dance party, and it most certainly was, this photo is only missing those big sacks of corn or wheat or whatever they process in Beaumont.

Nothing says wedding like Wonder Woman plates and hot dog gum.

Claire, making me laugh, as per usual.

The mighty set up crew, minus Willie's mom, who was doing double duty as wedding photographer.

Friday night on the patio of Phyllis' Musical Inn. That's Willie's dad's girlfriend, Penny, with the fabulous hat.

Keira made sure I ate at all events.  I still don't understand why she is not in North Carolina following me around with a plate of food.  

My mom in her sexy dress.

Willie in his kickass new shirt, double fisting beer and pineapple.

Saturday afternoon in my parents' backyard, walking down the steps of the deck

as my brother played "Sharp Cutting Wings" by Lucinda Williams.

My hostesses-with-the-mostesses parents spoke first.

My dad outdid himself with the best rhyming poem I have ever heard in my life. He rhymed "screeching" with "teaching,"

which made me laugh.

Willie's mom and dad spoke next.  Scout and Fonzie, as the "disturbed" pets, got a special shout out. 

Although he is always hired for his music at weddings, turns out my brother writes a pretty killer reading.

Then Willie and I said our vows.  Mine were typed, revised and printed on yellow paper that matched my nails and flower.  Willie needed no such color coordination 

to make me cry.

And then we were married. Really, truly married.

And it was time to eat: Pita Inn!

The ladies, looking very wedding serious.

My sister and I, doing the exact same thing at a 45 degree angle from each other.

Saturday night, July 11th at Westgrand Studios.

That's my cousin, Paul, in the background.

Our amazing DJ, Shawn.

Everyone got down with the wipe-your-sweat-on-the-dance-floor-and-feel-like-Wonder-Woman-party-favor wristbands, even Willie's 95-year-old Grandma, Melva.

Willie set up a do-it-yourself photo booth, which, of course, called for a Flying Buttresses alumni picture.

My beautiful sister gave an amazing toast, which made me cry some more.

As did Willie's brother, Joedan's toast.

Followed up by a super sweet song written by Willie's friend, J.R., who was there the night Willie and I met at the Hungry Brain.

And then it was time for the first dance.

What else but "1999"by Prince, Willie's alter ego.

I somehow worked the airplane into the routine.

It was kind of a surreal experience, like the end of a movie when the room spins around and the crowd cheers and the screen freezes on the hugging couple and the credits role.   Kind of exactly like that.
And then Maggie got the breakdancing going.

And Kelsa got the house dancing going.  (On a side note, Kelsa already had a wristband on when she showed up at the dance party.  This is one of the many reasons why I love her.)

It wasn't long before a battle erupted between Maggie and Fausto, Willie's cousin's fiance.

Soon it was time for a shoe change. 

How many wristbands can you find in the picture?

What is happiness?  Having all of your friends and family on the same dance floor, including your dancing-in-the-womb niece.