Sunday, February 8, 2009


Although Durham suffers from a lack of sidewalks (people on them), stores (American Apparel), and a solid spot to get carne asada and a margarita (Cafe El Tapatio), it does have a mighty fine selection of bulls.  And partly because of the movie "Bull Durham," and partly because bulls remind me of bisons which remind me of Buffalo, NY (homeland of my mom's side of the family), I am quite fond of the bulls of Durham.  In fact, you might even say that they might even be one of my favorite things about the bull city.

Within a mile radius of my house, here are some Durham bulls:

Blinking billboard near the new Durham Bulls ballpark

Just a half a block down the street

The old ballpark (under construction)

In the outfield of the new ballpark

Holding it down in the center of downtown 

And my favorite.  Although Durham doesn't have bike lanes, 

it has the best bike racks.


Lee said...

Hi Naomi. Just found your blog. Have you ever tried Carrburritos? Bad name, I know, but I always go there when I'm visiting my sister. Really good tacos, carne asada but also a great pescado, and amazing salsas. Can't vouch for the margaritas--we always go for lunch. Although, come to think of it, that's no reason not to have tried the margaritas.

Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Hey you! There used to be these ollllld shirts around when I was a kid that I believe said "I'm bullish for Schaumburg" (?!) or something like that. If one can be bullish for Schaumburg (again, I must reiterate the "?!"...and I say this having lived there a long time), I think it's only fair to be just a bit bullish about Durham.

In our lovely parallel WT universe, we just got back from a weekend in Sevilla (that sounds smug, but you know it's been WAY too long since those kind of sentences were uttered by a person who lives all too close to the Easy Jet action...), and Jeff read about, was disturbed by, and then kept wanting to tell me what really happens in bullfighting. I didn't let him, my little vegany heart can't hack it, I suspect.

I continue to like my bulls in neon sign form or on bike racks please, and amen. Speaking of, I just got the KICKBUTT postcard with BULL City courthouse in the first panel!!!! YEEEEEEHAW! Mucho loveo, Claireo