Saturday, January 17, 2009

Space Heater: Woman's Best Friend

For the record, the temperature is the same today in Durham, North Carolina as it is in Chicago, Illinois: a whopping 18 degrees.

For the record, my first winter heating bill in North Carolina was significantly higher than my highest winter heating bill in Chicago.  

Both of these on-the-record facts prompt me to ask the question: what the fuck?  

I could list about thirteen caveats and keep-in-minds here, including the fact that much of the Midwest and eastern parts of the country have experienced record-breaking cold this winter, that no matter how bad it is here, I know I can't complain because my poor midwestern brothers and sisters have it way worse for way longer, that of course my place costs more to heat now because a) it's a two-story, four-bedroom house, and b) it has just about the worst insulation you could imagine.  The floors are especially freezing.  Put your hand over an outlet and you can feel the cold air coming in.

True: two weeks ago, it was 50 degrees and sunny here.  True: it's supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny here next weekend.  And the biggest true is that I know I'm going to get my butt kicked this summer when I, as someone who hates being over-heated, endure my first North Carolina summer.

But still.  My little pinky just about froze off as I stupidly tried to go running this morning with the dog.  So, signing off from the South, woe-is-cold-is me.

P.S. After reading my Chicago friends' blogs, with the pictures and description of snow and minus seventeen degrees and shoveling and people saving parking spots with beat up old chairs, I take it back: I have no problems, nothing to complain about.  Carry on.


Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Whaaat? It's supposed to be warmer there. Okay, I know, I agree. Then again, I hate being cold and (think, anyway) that I like being warm. We'll have to see how long that logic holds in an NC summer. Anyway, not bad here either. NO complaints, none as I drink from my Chicago mug but in somewhat warmer weather. Have a horrible heating bill here too -- same exact usage as last yer, finds out J, but just higher prices. Low pound. Oh well, I'm not freeeeeezing anyway. Phew. Planning to go back to Sweet Home for a visit, but in the summer or summthin' YEEHAW! XOXO

Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

PS I don't feel so guilty now, given the title of this blog entry. I'm bundled up a bit in here, trying to be one of those frugal people (DID I JUST TYPE THAT FUTILE SENTENCE?!) that doesn't put on the heating until absolutely necessary. But I capitulated only moments before reading this. Heating back on for a bit, bill be damned?!